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  • Real Name: Thomas Eriksson.
  • Latest album: Elva Hjärtan (Eleven hearts), released in late winter of 2000
  • Born: 29 of November 1958 in Huddinge outside Stockholm
  • Lives: Lidingö outside Stockholm
  • Family: Divorced, 2 kids and a fiancé: Pernilla Pettersson.
  • Hobbies: Hunting, Snowboard
  • First hit: Hellre jagad av vargar (Rather hunded by wolwes) in 1987
  • Favourite musicians: Frank Sinatra, Barry Manilow, Julio Iglesas
  • Favourite song of his own work: Regn hos mej (Rain at my place)
  • Plans for the future: To make a musical out of Snowwhite
  • Orup started with music in his early teens, and he played in an early setting of the band Magnum Bonum. Later on he was a part of several bands including Intermezzo, Ubangi and There is no orchestra together with the former TV-anchor Cia Berg. Orup was involved in 5 records together with these groups. The best part of making music is according to Orup the songwriting.

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